Shop 'till you Slosh, or, What I Drank: Mitchell's Ocean Club

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

For me, the best part of shopping--especially mall shopping, double-especially mall clothes shopping is the migraine-alleviating cocktail afterwards. I and someone who inconceivably looks for flimsy reasons to go shopping recently wound down w/ these lethal beauties from Mitchell's Ocean Club at Easton:

The bright & lively Bella Forte--Tanqueray 10, Cointreau, Aperol, dry Vermouth, splash of balsamic and bitters. Terrific!

The citric blast called the White Lilly (it might not sound very masculine, but, believe me, only one can quickly get a full grown man exactly where he needs to be!), made w/ Bombay Sapphire, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice & grapefruit bitters.

Note how Mitchell's Ocean Club entertainingly poured these babies into martini glasses garnished w/ shards of dry ice. This made them bubble and smoke to great giggle-inducing effect; so much so that it seemed like they coulda been cocktails concocted by Uncle Fester or Vincent Price or Dr. Tongue or the Cool Ghoul or the 3 wretched sisters from Macbeth or...fill in your preferred cultural reference...