Taste to Remember

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Columbus Alive

Last Thursday, Loth Office Products hosted Grandview's Taste to Remember which raised $30,000 for the Children's Hunger Alliance. It was a bustling event, one of those lope around and eat and drink to your heart's content (for $40--a great deal!) evenings I never get tired of. This one featured less restaurants and more caterers and businesses like that. And the food was good.

Thai Barbecued Pork and Asian Slaw, Forums at Knightsbridge. After tasting this sprightly dish, I asked what the Forums at Knightsbridge was. After being told it was a retirement home, I relayed the info to my pal, Sir Thomas the Alcohol Man, an under 30 year old who was ravenously enjoying a plate of the stuff. He casually put his fork down and asked "so when can I retire?" Fortunately, this kind of interaction and serendipitous discovery was fairly representative of the entire evening. Here's a few other winners we sampled:

Blackened Scallops and Penne, Worthington Hills Country Club

Seared Tuna, Hocking College Culinary Arts

Chicken Tampico, Cantina Laredo

Desserts created by Columbus State's Culinary Arts team

Starting tomorrow on this blog: my whirlwind weekend through Pennsylvania (includes Frank LLoyd Wright houses, steel mills, spas & casinos).