Pennsylvania Day Two

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Columbus Alive

Paesano's (you can read an earlier mention of this place here) is a superior sandwich shop oozing true Philly style. It's a hole-in-da-wall joint overseen by a squat guy with a rough-n-tumble, big-city East Coast accent straight from central casting. But he's some kinda genius, dressing bang-your-head juicy & delicious meats with "long hot peppers" and broccoli rabe and placing all that on a crusty roll.

Above is the arista (mind bogglingly wonderful slow-roasted pork), which was similar to but even better than Skillet's porchetta!

Here's a really great, crispy chick pea crepe with "godzuki" sauce (tart, rich and spicy and made with sour cream, hot peppers and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern type spices)

These are Paesano's special roasted potatoes covered in sharp provolone (like long hots, a decidedly unshy Philly staple), with "all the fat and flavor we can muster" --outrageously good.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a fabulous, if underappreciated museum. It has more works by one of my personal heroes--Marcel Duchamp--than anywhere else, and that includes the notorious (and still shocking four decades later) pervy-keyhole-peeking "Etant donnes."

This is the view that bonehead Stallone had after--as Cocky, I mean Rocky--he climbed the museum's steps... which is probably as close as he ever got to the place's entrance.

Eastern State Penitentiary is just down the street. It was started by nutty Quakers as a pioneering type prison and it's actually where the very word "penitentiary" originated from.

Looking at old prisons works up a criminal thirst. I in part tried to get unparched here. This nifty place (The Standard Tap) is famous for offering only beers made within a 150-mile radius on their many taps. Good food, too.

Dmitri's (795 South 3rd Street; 215-625-0556) is an excellent little Greek place specializing in grilled, very fresh seafood.

Beet salad--better than the cliche

Super great (so tender) grilled octopus strands--talk about chicken of the sea!

Simply grilled pompano--perfectly executed, and it looked better prior to my (excitedly) forking into it