Get Your Dee-licious, Econo-Priced Memorial Day Feedbag On!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you wanna hang out with me all weekend--and I promise I'm good company!--here's what I'll be doing. Warning: I am not responsible for any asinine things I say after 5 p.m.

The John Boerstler benefit at Alana's is sure to be a fabulous party. This Sunday, 20 bucks will get you a complete Italian dinner prepared a la Alana plus entertainment by the Derek DiCenzo Trio, and the dough goes to a great cause--to help out one of the best guitarists this city's ever produced. See, John, who's been a friend and neighbor of mine for many years (pictured above with his lovely wife and ComFest Queen, Cyndi, i.e. one of my all time favorite ladies) has had some horrible health problems that not only cost an unbelievable bundle of money, but have also prevented him from gigging.

So if you don't have much going on late Sunday afternoon, you should definitely drop by--hell I'll even buy you a beer! Plus there'll be lots of fun/musician types hanging out and you absolutely cannot beat a full Alana's dinner for a relatively meager $20.

The day before (that's Saturday if you're not keeping score) will also be a rip-snorting hot time at the North Market Grillmasters Festival. Highlighting the all day fest will be the Thrilla at the Grilla, a three-chef cook-off forcing professional culinarians to try to work their tasty magic while squatting over a low-rent hibachi. Potentially adding to the fun will be watching me speed eat while illegibly scribbling away with greasy fingers, as I'll be one of the judges of that heated competition.

The Asian Festival is also cranking this weekend--and, yes, I'll be there too. It's free to get in, there's usually some unusual (free again) entertainment and who doesn't love cruising for uncommon foods? (I always seek out stuff I can't find in restaurants, like Filipino fare.)

Also marked on my calendar is the 15th Annual Hills Market Salmon Roast, which benefits the Columbus Music Co-op. I mean, a $7.50 salmon lunch topped off with beer and free ice cream is pretty hard to beat.

Okay, get a nap in now, 'cause you're gonna need it. See you soon.