When Is A Pizza Not A Pizza? Or, The Flat Bread Society

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Lahmacun, made with a sort of paste of ground lamb, tomatoes, peppers and herbs--awesome! Get it at Cafe Istanbul

Tomato and Cheese (add house-roasted chicken); High St. Veggie (with portobellas, sunflower seeds and potent jalapenos)--both with a racy tomato sauce. Get it at Northstar Cafe

The Paris Flamekuch--like a salad on whole wheat flatbread, as delicious as it is healthy. Get it at La Chatelaine

Someone once said (was it me?) that pizza is like sex--even when it's bad it's pretty great. Still, I'm not a fan of big, dumb and industrial pies with flabby, bready crusts and cheap ingredients laid on by an anonymous drone who can't wait to get off work.

These flat breads are the exact opposite of what I just described; plus they're miles fresher, healthier and more flavorful. I plan on writing an Alive article about these types of crisp and (yes, I'll say it) sexily snappy-crusted alternate flatbread 'zas some day. In the meantime, check these super tasty babies out.