What I Ate: Scali's

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Look at these lovelies! They're the Ravioli alla Florentine--beautiful handmade pasta pockets bathed in a rich tomato sauce and packed with garlic-scented spinach seamlessly combined with oozing and delicious Italian cheeses.

Scali Ristorante in Reynoldsburg reopens tomorrow after a 10-day "summer break." Yeah, it's in the 'burbs, but if you haven't been to this semi-upscale, family place, you're missing out.

Pollo Rosamarini tastes like something you'd actually get in Italy (where I'm going in about a week; si, vado a Venezia!)--it's elegant in its simplicity, treating plump, juicy and tender chicken breast pieces to a garlic-kissed lemon-butter sauce perked up with fresh rosemary.

Zucchini appetizer special--Scali's specials are...special. This one was like veggie boats filled with an arancini-like mixture (arancini is Italian for "little oranges", and what they colloquially call fried rice balls owing to the physical similarity) and these babies were indeed wonderful.