Lunch Break Links: Mel Gibson goes crazy again

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Columbus Alive

Mel Gibson's doing crazy stuff again. Whoopi Goldberg, surprisingly, is defending him.

Want to hear a new Walkmen track?

Something new from Panda Bear?

What about the full Best Coast album?

Or perhaps I could interest you in 180 free tracks from British rapper Wiley?

In other superhero news, Kevin Bacon is set to play the villain in "X-Men: First Class".

Could Snooki be coming to network TV?

Alan Ball ("True Blood", "Six Feet Under") has yet another series in the works for HBO.

Don't be ashamed if news of George Steinbrenner's death made you think of "Seinfeld".

And while we're talking sports, let's look at the nine most scathing responses to LeBron James' "The Decision" special.

We finish with "MmmHmm", a new video from Flying Lotus.