Movies: Rex Reed's awesomely bad "Inception" review

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

OK, you've had almost a week to see "Inception." If you haven't, um, what in the hell are you waiting for?

For the rest of you, I present this fantastically, wonderfully, absolutely clueless review from crusty old movie critic Rex Reed, entitled "Can Someone Please Explain Inception to Me?"

Here's a quote:

"At the movies, incomprehensible gibberish has become a way of life, but it usually takes time before it's clear that a movie really stinks. Inception, Christopher Nolan's latest assault on rational coherence, wastes no time."

And another:

"Like other Christopher Nolan head scratchers-the brainless Memento, the perilously inert Insomnia, the contrived illusionist thriller The Prestige, the idiotic Batman Begins and the mechanical, maniacally baffling and laughably overrated The Dark Knight-this latest deadly exercise in smart-aleck filmmaking without purpose from Mr. Nolan's scrambled eggs for brains makes no sense whatsoever."

Zoinks, Rex, I know it can be a head-scratcher, but most of us under the age of 97 kinda think Christopher Nolan is a pretty OK filmmaker.

I say "Inception" is one of the year's best. Who's with me?