Semi-Local Love: Farewell to Le Principle

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Less than a year ago, I wrote this feature on Le Principle, the disco house partnership between Chicago-based Columbus ex-pat Garrett Shrigley (a.k.a. Adulture) and Louisville's Josh Gard, who was working under the name Figure at the time. They were on a rapid rise, but according to a press release I got today, it seems they've chosen to go their separate ways:

The great die young and the duo known as Le Principle... have ended. After a year in the fast lane of the disco house revival, Josh Gard and Garrett Shingley have decided to part creative ways. The duo quickly flooded cyberspace with a slew of top tier productions which soon attracted our attention at Solid Bump Records. We quickly signed all the previously unreleased material created by Le Principle. The Blue Love is the final Le Principle song to be produced by the team, but far from the end of the story. Both Josh and Garrett will be continue to re-define the new generation of house music.

We chose to give away "Blue Love" to the masses because it is Le Principle's perfect swan song and fully embodies all the things that made us decide to work with the young duo from the start. Their signature style of sampling, heavy knocking drums, and perfectly tailored groove is fully exemplified in "Blue Love".

Listen to the jam below and download it here.

Adulture & Charlie Church (formerly Le Principle) - Blue Love (Original Mix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by Solid Bump Records