Guest Blog: Lazy Saturday + cookie delivery (with a sense of humor!)

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

How'd you spend your insufferable, sweaty Saturday? I painted my toenails ("highlighter orange"--a questionable choice), made gazpacho for a fun party (it was a big hit -- no heat required!) and waited for cookies to be delivered to my door.

Cookie delivery in Columbus, Ohio?! Indeed! I stumbled upon this service the other night (naturally while searching the internet for something else entirely). Next thing I knew, I'd PayPal-ed $15 in hopes that a dozen cookies would be brought to my house in a day or so.

And they were! See, Rogue Bakery runs a Facebook and Twitter-based operation (good luck reaching them without either). You find their order page (here), sign up, Paypal some money, then sit back and wait. Fittingly, their succinct motto is: "We bake cookies. You buy cookies. We deliver cookies. You eat cookies."

I liked everything about this. The ordering was simple (one choice this week: the "Experimental Sampler"). The wait was brief (ordered Thursday; received an email today saying they'd be delivering in my neighborhood Saturday from 3-5pm; got mine around 4:30). Plus, the proceeds from my order and all of last week's orders went straight to the Andy Davis Memorial Fund -- a worthy cause if there ever was one.

The cookies come with instructions -- rather, "Seven steps to cookie enjoyment" -- and a heavy dose of humor. My lunchbag-sized sack was packed with waxed bags containing pairs of seven different varieties. Aside from a smashed duo of "Experimental Chocolate Cookies" (don't worry, I ripped open the paper and ate every last bit), they arrived in great shape.

Anyone who knows me would easily guess which would be my favorite from this lineup.....and they wouldn't be wrong.

When baking, I put spicy into sweet every chance I get, and these Ancho Peanut Butter cookies were after my own heart. In fact, all of the Rogue cookies I've tried so far have tasted like the best cookies I'd ever bake, or the best baked by anyone I know. And that's a total compliment. They're not fancy, just really well-made.

And as much as I love the spicy peanut butter, I won't be giving up any of the "I'm Not a Snickerdoodle" either.