Guest Blog: Leftovers!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Another guest entry, just so no one thinks it's all cookies and pizza-from-a-box for me.......

A great benefit of employing a daily-changing menu is the flexibility to cook (or not cook) according to the weather. So on the hottest night of the year Alana's featured many served-cold soups, salads and even side dishes for grilled meats -- basically everything but the pastas, risottos and a fantastic spicy chicken-corn chili relleno appetizer was chilled.

I chose the Jerked Duck Breast, Grilled Duck Leg and Sweet Potato-Mango-Habanero salad, a great mix of temperature hot, spicy hot, and cold.

(Trust me when I say this dish looked 80x better when plated by Alana's team)

I also had my first sip of Oyo vodka, here mixed into a gingery cocktail (splash of Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, topped off with Dr. Brown's ginger ale and a twist). The spiciness of the ginger seemed to worked nicely with the slightly sweet, vanilla-y essence of the vodka. Refreshing!

But the best part of the night by far was getting to eat and laugh with our dear friend John Boerstler, finally back home and recuperating nicely.