Support Local Matters, and have a ton of fun eating and drinking: Alana's tonight

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

There's a Local Matters benefit tonight at Alana's I consider can't-miss for anyone doing anything more than paying lip service to local eating. That's because not only is Alana the Queen of Fun, Hip and Cool Dining, but she was a founding member of Local Matters.

As a pioneer in local sourcing, she continues walking the walk and leading this suddenly universally popular charge. In other words, eating locally is a way of life for her, not just a couple of buzz words. Tonight, she'll be hosting a food-fueled, wine-soaked, super-good-time happy hour that anyone can afford--it's just $25!

More ambitious types can sign on for what's sure to be one of the most memorable, most delicious, most creative and most locally sourced dinners you're liable to eat all year. Me, I'm in for both -- I can guarantee this'll be a party to remember.

Here's a few scenes from last year:

If this rockin' flaky, savory and sweet Moroccan-style pastry were to ask me "What's up, doc?" I'd answer "you are, you cinamonny little bunny-filled delectable." (Flint Ridge, Merle)

I ate about 27 of these quiche-like warm tartlettes with a wonderfully crispy crust, rich oniony filling & a sexy, peppery chiffonade of arugula (Elizabeth Telling, Wayward Seed, Merle)