What I Ate: From Africa to Korea

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

In Columbus, you can easily visit Africa for lunch, then head off to Korea for dinner.

Here's a few photos of, respectively, an attractive and hugely impressive Ethiopian/Somalian place called Solay Bistro (at the top of this genre in town) followed by the fun and good looking San Su, the best spot in town for Korean BBQ.

Solay's pulpy, bright and fresh mango lassi

Simultaneously delicate and hearty savory pastries called sambusas-- quite like samosas; points to this cuisine's similarities to Indian food

One of Solay's aromatic, HUGE and long-developed stewy entrees, this one a chicken dish made exceptional by its starch-- chopped chapati bread (that Indian influence again) drenched and turned silky in a spicy tomato sauce

Beef sugaar--green peppery and comforting

A killer goat stew served in the familiar Ethiopian style--above the spongy fermented bread known as injera (here called anjeera), which is used as your "scooping-up" eating utensil

Here, I want to thank my friend Hungrywoolf for this terrific recommendation!

Banchan (wild array of superfun, tapas-y Korean dishes) at San Su

Korean BBQ is partially DIY

and an amazing feedbag of a food party!

Probably the most nuanced kimchi jigae (spicy cabbage and tofu soup) I've had in Columbus

Expect reviews of these in Alive and This Week very soon