"Nikita" is now for 14 year-old girls

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Well, as soon as I declare "Nikita" is one of the promising new shows this fall season, the CW decides to change it. And, not for the better. It looks like the spy series will forgo it's darker tone--which is one of my favorite elements--and add a love interest for the title character played by sexy badass Maggie Q. Ugh.

Apparently, the first five episodes haven't captured the CW's core demographic of teenage girls, so these "slight tweaks" are clearly designed to keep "Nikita's" lead-in audience of "The Vampire Diaries." The ratings have been pretty good for "Nikita," but the CW still hasn't ordered a back-nine. We'll see if the changes will mean more episodes. At this point, the series is still worth checking out, but all that could change.