T.J. Evans Trail

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Among the state's most useful and most popular rail trails is the T.J. Evans Trail, 14 lovely miles connecting Newark to Johnstown that compose the healthiest section of Licking County's growing trail network.

[Trail map]

Even to a thin-tired track bike, the terrain and pavement of those 20-odd miles posed few problems. (Uneven spots were brightly marked with yellow paint.)

Essentially a microcosm of rural Ohio, the T.J. Evans shoots through dense creekside forests, occasional stone outcroppings, small towns and working farmland. Literally. In one spot, you've got pastures on your left and right sides, with cows giving you their blank trademark stare.

Many sections also interact with Raccoon Creek, a small stream that runs east to feed the Licking River. Several bridges -- including a beautiful white number near Cherry Valley Road -- offer excellent views of rushing water between winding, secretive banks.

Here are some great shots of the trail by Alive photographer Dan Sohner.