Market District at Kingsdale

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Opening day at the brand-new, giant Giant Eagle--I mean Market District--at Kingsdale was a wild, chaotic affair. The circus-like atmosphere included an in-store oldies band, a harpist and that guy who eats grotesque amounts of chow on the Man vs Food TV show.

There was also this cheesy sculpture of the Horseshoe

And a good selection of mushrooms (like maitake!), some still growing. Also (not shown) black truffles sold at $140/lb.

And beautiful dragonfruit

They make cotton candy in the mammoth, exhausting store, which is approximately the size of the Pentagon building

I didn't try these

But I did try the "scratch-made" pizza of the month (broccoli, sausage and ricotta)--pretty damn good, and cheap at $3.50

A coconut curry was spicy and solid if not particularly nuanced--about like serviceable mom-n-pop takeout

They also make these, which are... potato pancakes. Good, simple stuff, but upstaged by an excellent fennel seed and red peppery housemade chicken sausage

Other things you can buy in there: D'Artagnan products; rabbit and elk meat; python meat (yes, the creepy snake); prime grade and grass-fed versions of beef and about a billion other things.

The wine shop is probably the best you'll ever see in a corporate grocery store--it even has a super awesome Italian-style Enomatic dispensing machine!

Read more about it in an upcoming Alive.