OSU vs. Indiana

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Pregame Bloodless Marys at the crusty booze palace called Dick's Den

Proud Buckeye nut-job in a kilt

One of several easy scores


Crazy great postgame margarita from Cuco's. Called "The Original", it's awash in fresh lime juice and absent any kind of cheap and sweet crap-ola. Hint: ask for it with 1/2 the (powdered) sugar for an even tarter quaff, i.e. the way I like it!

Someone once accused me--yes me, a creature who eschews routine-- of being stuck in a Saturday Buckeye habit. Well, first of all, no two games are actually the same. And further, my gameday pathway is more of a ritual, an observation and celebration wherein I simultaneously reflect on the previous week that led me to that day and I concentrate on the moment as I'm experiencing it. Oh, yeah, and I drink a lot of liquor and cram in a ton of junky food, too.