Auto-Tune the News' bed intruder guy is selling a Halloween costume

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Antoine Dodson is extending his 15 minutes of fame. He's the guy singing "Hide your kids! Hide your wife!" in the Auto-Tune the News remix of his interview with a TV news station about a rapist on the loose.

Not content with simply being a national punchline, Dodson has turned the unexpected attention into quite the entrepreneurial opportunity. The latest: a Bed Intruders Halloween costume.

Dodson recently was on Fuse TV talking about the costume, and he's promoting it all over his YouTube and Twitter accounts. For $18.99 you'll get a red bandanna, a custom wig and a black tank top. You probably could put that whole outfit together yourself for cheaper, but you'd miss out on an autographed piece of paper replicating the one he waves in the original news clip... turns out it was a bus schedule.

I wonder what ever happened to the rapist.