Oscar Watch: Mark Wahlberg is a "Fighter," not a lover

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I had heard a little about "The Fighter," an upcoming biopic on boxer "Irish" Micky Ward, but shrugged it off as yet another Oscar-bait boxing movie.

Then I saw the above trailer during last night's "Mad Men" finale, and I'm officially way interested. (Apologies for the quality, but there isn't a great version of this trailer out there yet.)

I wasn't sold on Wahlberg in the lead, although he has worked successfully with director David O. Russell in the past, albeit in very different roles in "I ♥ Huckabees" and "Three Kings." The performance looks quite promising.

But what has me officially excited for "The Fighter" is the supporting cast. It's amazing that Christian Bale hasn't yet gotten an Oscar nod, but that looks likely to change.

And I love Amy Adams. Just love her. Seriously, Amy, call me.

Movie opens in December, prime Oscar time.