Slutty Chewbacca: Has sexy Star Wars stuff gone too far?

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Columbus Alive

I'll admit that I: a) like Star Wars and b) like sex. And at the moment that the generation raised on Star Wars hit puberty — which was probably the first appearance of Princess Leia in the gold bikini thing — there's always going to be that weird point in the Venn diagram where the two intersect.

Likewise, I know that young ladies love to sex it up for attention around Halloween. And among salivating fanboys, dressing as a slutty Chewbacca will probably get you plenty of attention.

(OK, technically the company selling it calls it a "Sci-Fi Furry Costume," but that's just because Lucasfilm would sue them to death.)

More recently, a friend shared this R2-D2-inspired swimsuit design (not particularly slutty, but still meant to get that same attention).

And, as was famously personified by Ross and Rachel on "Friends," grown geekboys still get weak-kneed over the Slave Leia costume, a fact that doesn't go unnoticed by anyone trying to get attention from that market.

Yvonne Strahovski on "Chuck," Kristen Bell in "Fanboys" and Olivia Munn at a Star Wars convention

With apologies to my nerd brethren, doesn't this all feel kind of played? Are we really so predictable that we fall for this over and over?

And, more importantly, why aren't there more slutty Boba Fetts? But please, no slutty Emperor Palpatines.