Out of My Gourd, or, What I Ate and Saw: Circleville Pumpkin Show

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Circleville Pumpkin Show has been painting the Roundtown orange for over a hundred years--may it continue to ring in the chilly season of the jack-o-lantern for hundreds more!

The sights:

The locally embraced fest takes place in the middle of the 'ville--and inspires locals to get into the day-of-the-dead and entrepreneurial spirit(s)

There's street fair fun...

...and fun in the nearby streets...

...and awesome squashes...

...that assume totemic forms...

... and gigantic sizes (this year's winner was over 1600 lbs.!)...

...or even shapes of scary cobra snakes!

Though I thought this group of townsfolk seemed nice and all, I do believe their sit-and-chat performance was slightly oversold (I tease because I love).

Still, there's no denying that some of the art and baked goods were very impressive--this one literally took the cake award.

As for the food you could actually sample:

The chili--with a hint of pumpkin to round out and pump up the otherwise familiar flavors--was good, homey stuff.

The famous pumpkin burger is really only a sloppy joe made more interesting with a bit of canned pumpkin--try it, you'll like it! "Walking pumpkin tacos" were pumpkin burger meat reinvented by getting spilled onto tortilla chips and doused with stadium cheese

You can also get wild game jerky

And these mandatoty brittle "waffles"

Also on the mandatory list are super-delicious P-doughnuts made by hometown favorites Lindsey's Bakery

Lindsey's is the professional bakery that always whips up the "world's largest P-pie". Here's a few more self-explanatory things I lobbed into my overtaxed gob:

I always stop in this bar for (too many) shots of 101-proof Wild Turkey cooled off with cheap suds. Then I hit the can't-miss entertainment spectacle known as the...

This saggy-faced Brutus is the scariest Halloween costume I've seen in many full moons. Here's some more flavor of the unforgettable parade:

Weather permitting, I go to the Pumpkin Show every year--it's only a short drive away and, believe me, it provides hours and hours of very cheap fun. Maybe next year, the best pet ever will be able to participate in the Pet Parade instead of just watching from the sidelines. You should be there too!