Science says you fall in love fast and might be smart if you drink

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Discovery News posted a couple articles recently on the only two subjects that get me to click through on a regular basis: booze and love.

First up, some British and American scientists released findings that smart kids drink more as adults. The best part of this study isn't the wonderful excuse it just gave us, it's Psychology Today's take on the results: "Our ancestors had previously gotten their alcohol kick through eating rotten fruits, so more intelligent humans may be more likely to choose modern alcoholic beverages." Cheers to all you dummies still eating rotten fruit.

Second, your lengthy courting efforts may be futile, as the brain falls in love in one-fifth of a second. Researchers used neuroimaging to discover that and other pertinent information about your metaphorical heart.

I'm sure the speed of which people fall in love while drinking alcohol is much faster.