"Terriers," the best show no one watches

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

FX's noir detective drama "Terriers" is the best new show this fall season--yes, even better than HBO's "Boardwalk Empire"--yet no one seems to be watching. Maybe it's the confusing title. I promise it's not about dogs, or dog shows, or dog fighting.

What "Terriers" is, is an excellent drama about two down-and-out private detectives--one a former cop, the other a former thief--played by Donal Logue and Micheal Raymond-James in Ocean Beach, California that bridges extremely dark themes with some laugh-out-loud chemistry from it's two leads.

Logue has been especially compelling throughout and showing great range. He absolutely nails the emotional dramatic moments--dealing with his recovery from alcoholism, a mentally unstable sister, and the ex-wife he's still in love with--while pairing with James to form the most likable, and humorous, duo on TV. Logue should be a lock for an Emmy nomination in 2011.

Tonight's episode, "Agua Caliente," is one of my favorites from this season and definitely worth watching. You get a full dose of everything that makes "Terriers" great and it's more of a standalone episode, so you don't need to be well-versed on the background of all the characters. Although, I do recommend catching up with the first seven episodes--you won't be sorry.