What do Sarah Palin and Lady Gaga have in common? Gwar hates them

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Columbus Alive

Sometimes you see live music for the music part, and sometimes you see it for the live part.

I don't own an album by Gwar, but I've always kind of wanted to see that infamously grotesque live show in all its fake blood and politically incorrect glory. Last night, I got my chance. Gwar can adopt the Blue Jackets' new marketing campaign. You gotta see it live.

Where to start? Those hulking foam rubber outfits are an even more bizarre sight in person. It's like watching those big Muppet monsters performing thrash metal.

The standard metal show uniform — a black T-shirt — was notably absent, replaced with soon-to-be-fake-blood-soaked white T-shirts. A mock decapitation during the opener literally/figuratively got the juices flowing in the pit. From my wimpy spot out of the splash zone, I saw a parade of happy metalheads, covered in red and so happy to get back in the pit, they were actually skipping.

The band plunged its way through generic but solid metal, as the show was punctuated by the signature celebrity sacrifices. Tonight's targets: Sarah Palin, who was eviscerated early in the show and Lady Gaga, who appeared wearing a fashionable shirt made of (hopefully fake) excrement.

Was it ridiculous? Absolutely. But this band has been doing this for decades, and they and their fans are definitely in on the joke.

And I'll take the ear-to-ear grins and enthusiasm I saw last night over a room full of sullen, cross-armed hipsters any day.

If you want a taste of the insanity, Gwar will be appearing on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

The slippery Gwar aftermath on the Newport floor