Daily zombie update: Frank Darabont fires entire "Walking Dead" writing staff

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

According to Deadline, Frank Darabont, executive producer for AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead," has fired the entire staff of writers from the first season.

It wasn't that the first season was bad -- although it did have up and down moments -- but Darabont solely wrote the first two episodes and either co-wrote or rewrote the remaining four in the freshman season.

Thus, he felt the writing staff was expendable and might not even hire new writers for the second season. Darabont won't write every episode in Season 2, though. He plans to hire freelancers.

This is an interesting move from Darabont because he crafted an excellent pilot as both writer and director, but his second episode wasn't the finest. I doubt the heaping amount of critical and fan praise "The Walking Dead" has received during Darabont's very hands-on approach with the first six episodes has given him a big head, but it probably made the firings easier.

"The Walking Dead" is a very expensive show to produce, and this likely is a cost-cutting measure (much like canceling "Rubicon" was) as AMC doesn't have a endless budget for its original series. Even though they should, given that they produce most of the good stuff on television right now.

Anyway, it will be much harder to duplicate the success without a staff for the second season, which is slated for 13 episodes. Hopefully, there's not a falloff.