Michael Cera joins new Islands/Man Man/Modest Mouse supergroup

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

So Michael Cera is (at least temporarily) the bassist for new supergroup Mister Heavenly. But in all honesty, he's the least exciting member of the group. Nick Diamonds of Islands/Unicorns and Honus Honus from Man Man have teamed up with Joe Plummer, Modest Mouse's drummer, to create a new genre called doom-wop. It's a fraction Islands, a fraction Man Man and a majority freaking awesome.

The band has only played a handful of shows so far, and unfortunately its current 10-show tour is only traveling the West Coast. But the band has just been signed by Sub Pop Records, so hopefully an album will be coming soon. In the meantime, a blogger armed with a decent-sound-quality camera captured eight of their songs the other night when the band was opening for Passion Pit in Portland.