Daily zombie update: Walking Dead finale breaks records

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Sunday night's finale of "The Walking Dead" drew 6 million viewers with a record-setting 4 million in the coveted demo of adults 18-49. These are huge numbers for a cable show and the highest for the series to date.

Another reason for AMC to be happy about those numbers is the finale ("TS-19") was the first major departure from the comic's narrative.

I thought "The Walking Dead" finale was pretty good, but mired in inconsistency much like the rest of the first season. There were some particularly great heart-wrenching moments and some others that just fell flat. And, the pacing still feels hurried at times.

With executive producer Frank Darabont firing the entire writing staff and taking even more on himself, we'll hopefully get a more consistent second season that fleshes out some of the unnecessary melodrama and pacing issues. Or, we find out Darabont was part of the problem and the second season will be a mess.

We'll just have to wait and see, and the jury is still out for me on how good "The Walking Dead" really is. I need a full 13-episode season to figure that out.

Also, if you want some spoiler talk about what Dr. Jenner whispered to Rick as the survivors left the CDC, "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman drops hints in an interview with EW.