Frigid in Cincy

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Given tickets to the Bengals game Sunday, a friend and I boldly braved the frozen elements. Of course exposure to that kind of cold has been known to mess with a person's brain--you've heard of the Donner Party, right?

Fortunately only a few paces from the stadium, O'Malley's in the Alley came to the rescue. There, heat, snacks and slurpable antifreeze would flow liberally.

My friend had never indulged in a "walking taco" before (chili spilled into a bag of Fritos topped with cheese)--after a few bites splashed with extra hot sauce, we could feel our faces again.

Ditto for an order of wings.

The game was actually quite fun (naturally the Bungles blew it right at the end) and I both thank and blame the crazy weather (and a generous stadium bartender) for the "please warm me up quickly, whiskey!" wild time!