Trailer for new Showtime series The Borgias

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Showtime has unveiled the trailer for their new series, "The Borgias," a period piece about a 15th century Italian family so corrupt and powerful that apparently they were Mario Puzo's inspiration for his novel "The Godfather."

Neil Jordan ("the Crying Game") will executive produce and direct the first two episodes while Jeremy Irons stars as the patriarch of the unscrupulous family who becomes Pope through very Unchristian means.

Television period pieces--Showtime's "The Tudors" or HBO's "Rome"--have never been wildly popular despite being visual masterpieces. So, it's hard to tell if this will be a hit, but Irons alone makes it interesting--man, can that guy play slimy...even in a funny hat.

Anyway, check out the trailer below and you be the judge.