Coyote or Calamity, or, What's in a Jane ?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Apparently, the Old West had its share of eccentric Janes (my top pick would be the foulmouthed Calamity Jane as portrayed on one of my all time favorite TV shows, Deadwood).

Recently, a new Jane related to the Banana Bean people has been making waves in Merion Village. Unfortunately, Coyote Jane's lack of web presence hints at its not-quite-ready-for-primetime status. Another tip-off was a sandwich board sign out front recently reading "Open at 5pm" on one side, but with the other reporting "Soft opening tonight at 6." This kind of WTF stuff seems reminiscent of the semi-endearing, semi-frustrating "working through the kinks in public" disjointedness that plagued Banana Bean during its early days. Hopefully CJ will get her act together just like her predecessor did.

While the above tacos featured a ton of good-tasting meat, one (the achiote chicken on the left, misspelled--one of many verbal blunders here--on the menu as "achoite") had a decent smoky sauce that was so maddeningly runny and heavily applied it was a shirt-and-pants-staining mess to eat. The other's carnitas-like pork was unfortunately slammed with a sweet and gloppy-mayoed slaw plus an industrial BBQ sauce. As for the chip service in the New Mexican-ish joint, it costs $3 and includes salsa that looks and tastes like it was dumped straight from a jar.

Service was well-meaning but forgetful and reallllllllly ssssssllllllowwwww.

Still, the place is cute, prices are good and it's manned by a team with a history for working things out. Stay tuned.