Holy amazingly detailed ring, Batman!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

DC Comics and the jewelry line Noir have unmasked their collaborative project -- rings, necklaces and bracelets directly inspired by comics' most super of superheroes.

While this has the potential to be gaud-awful, I'm impressed. They easily could have tossed a couple jewels on iconic images (splat!) and relied on the fans' dedication to pull in the sales. This well thought out line manages to be cheeky but still couture.

Among the selection, coated in bling, there are Wonder Woman's magical gold bracelets, a Superman insignia necklace with a braided chain, rings that look like a giant Catwoman claw, and, my favorite, a ring that's a replica of Gotham City.

For those in need of a more secret identity, some of the pieces are less obvious allusions to the comics. There's a $150 cocktail ring of a gorgeous stone surrounded by a setting that, on closer inspection, looks like cat claws. Meow.