Best TV of 2010: More love for Breaking Bad

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Alright, I'm a bit torn by the heaping amount of praise being piled on "Breaking Bad" with these year-end lists. Nearly everyone has it at number one and I'm no exception (my Top 10 List is here, and please comment here), but as much as I'm pleasantly surprised "Breaking Bad" is finally getting the recognition it deserves, I'm also a little disappointed.

"Breaking Bad" used to be the show I told people they should be watching because it's the best on TV, and now everyone seems to have jumped on the band wagon. I know it's selfishly ridiculous--kind of like when your favorite indie band makes it big and they don't feel like "your" band anymore.

Anyway, one of the most well-known and respected TV critics, Alan Sepinwall, has released his year-end best of lists and "Breaking Bad' comes in at numero uno. Sepinwall broke them down into two top 10 catagories--one for new shows and one for returning series--and compiled a video for the 10 best overall.

Well, congrats to "Breaking Bad" for an incredible third season and if there are a few of you out there still not watching, catch up before season 4 begins next summer. You'll be happy you did.