Best viral videos of 2010

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

As YouTube celebrated its fifth birthday this year, the interwebs offered daily doses of celeb-related memes, “Inception” parodies, cat videos, a perfect guy hawking deodorant and footage of every other entertaining subject under the double rainbow. Here are the best of the best from 2010.

Our favorite dwarves lend their vocal abilities to Pogo’s dance-inducing remix of sound effects and music from the classic Disney movie.

The lovable Olsen twins’ mid-’90s sleepover party becomes kind of creepy when played in slow motion.

There are thousands of flash mob videos out there, but this is the only one that stars a dancing Gordon Gee.

7. Arcade Fire, “The Wilderness Downtown” The high-tech music video for “We Used to Wait” shows a dude running past your house, then lets you express your artistic side — all in choreographed browser windows that dance around on your screen. (Best viewed using Google Chrome)

A brilliant cinematographer documents the eerie decay of Six Flags New Orleans, which closed in preparation for Hurricane Katrina and has never reopened.

Our favorite classic computer game inspires a movie. If only the movie were real!

“What does this mean?” That more than 21 million people loved Paul Vasquez’s reaction to a natural phenomenon.

Ben Folds lookalike Merton uses Chatroulette to prove his ridiculous improvisatory skills in what is now the highest-rated YouTube video ever.

Cats rule the internet anyway, but an angry cat with a British accent is pure YouTube gold.

The only news clip that’s as catchy as a Justin Timberlake song.