Fins To The Left (yes, I hate that song, too), or, What I Ate: (the new) Fisherman's Wharf

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Captain's Artichoke Salad (more like a lively and dynamic Greek Salad) and the Sesame Ahi Tuna appetizer were both very good.

A huge (might feed two with salads, apps and/or extra sides) and expensive ("market price" was $50) baked seafood platter featured a wealth of high grade oceanic treasures (Danish Scampi, Kodiak Alaskan Red King Crab Legs, Day Boat Scallops and a Maine lobster tail) simply, perfectly cooked. Not cheffy (for that, opt for the wonderful halibut), just presented with lagoons of garlicky melted butter, thus allowing the goodies to speak for themselves. I liked they way they spoke.

The latest incarnation of Fisherman's Wharf is now open at Polaris, and though it's a handsome place, it ain't so fancy that it scares off regular folks in jeans and sweatshirts from a seafood splurge. So as things seem to be moving along swimmingly, I'm willing to wager the establishment's strong and long Columbus legacy is in good, uh, fins.