First Look at AMC's The Killing

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Thanks to TV Squad, we have this video with Mireille Enos, the star of AMC's new drama "The Killing." She plays Sarah Linden, the dogged detective charged with solving the murder of a young girl. The crux of "The Killing" will be solving this mystery over the course of the 13-episode season by showing the perspectives of the detectives, the victim's family and the suspects. It's sound kind of like "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," but this is AMC so it's sure to be better than that. Also, there's a sighting of "Californication's" Lew Ashby (Callum Kieth Rennie) in this video as he plays Sarah's finance. I'm glad to see he's back from the dead. A two-hour premiere of "The Killing" airs Sunday, April 3 at 9 p.m.