The Cape is dead: Summer Glau kills another show

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

NBC had already cut "The Cape's" episode order from 13 to 10. Now the network announced it won't even air the final episode, making it only available online (a la ABC's wacky/horrible summer mystery "Happy Town"). Now it's official — Summer Glau is more lethal to a TV show than just about anything, including Tim Minear.

Back off fanboys! I'm only kidding about Ms. Glau being the reason "The Cape" was canceled because, as local musician Bob Starker put it, "'The Cape' makes 'Heroes’ look like [expletive deleted] Shakespeare." I couldn’t have said it better. Anyway, no one should be shocked at the cancellation of the worst superhero series since "Black Scorpion." So, if you need a Summer Glau (or L.A.R.P.) fix, you'll just have to check out her upcoming project "Kinghts of Badassdom."