Feel Like A Number? Or, What I Ate: Market 65

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With its emphasis on big, healthy, and satisfying made-to-order salads, the brand-new Market 65 looks to be a great addition to downtown lunching.

Grilled Shrimp Salad--with edamame (a great ingredient sorely underused in salads everywhere) and a nice sear on the clean-tasting shellfish (though I would've liked more than three for a $9 lunch)

When last in DC, I stopped by in a very clever lunch spot called Chop't (scroll down 'till you see a salad bowl) and wondered why no one had thought to replicate a place like that in Columbus. Well, now someone has, because Market 65 looks to have been very "inspired by" Chop't for its whole business plan (and recipes and biodegradable to go containers and store design, etc.).

I hereby thank and congratulate Market 65 for bringing Chop't's (I like how awkward that looks!) semi-brilliant ideas to Columbus--more on this place in an upcoming Alive.