Terry O'Quinn and Donal Logue to star in ABC's Hallelujah

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

ABC has enlisted the services of two great actors from two great shows — Terry O'Quinn ("Lost) and Donal Logue ("Terriers") — to star in their new drama pilot "Hallelujah." The only knock is that "Hallelujah" is from "Desperate Housewives" creator Marc Cherry.

Despite Cherry, the premise sounds interesting ... in a "Roadhouse" kind of way. Logue plays Rye Turner, a stand-up guy and down on his luck owner of a local diner in the fictional town Hallelujah, TN. O'Quinn plays Del Roman, the moral antithesis and arch-nemesis of Rye as a corrupt millionaire who runs the town. Then, mysterious newcomer Jared O'Neal ("Law & Order's" Jesse L. Martin) arrives and the bad guy starts getting his just desserts.

See, Logue would be the Double Deuce owner, O'Quinn would be the evil Brad Wesley and O'Neal would be Patrick Swayze's Dalton in this "Roadhouse" analogy. Minus the gratuitous violence and nudity, of course

Anyway, the casting here is perfect as we've seen Logue be fantastic as down on his luck in "Terriers" and O'Quinn was menacingly awesome in "Lost."