Sex! Violence! The Town Monster/Wet Darlings CD101 campaigns escalate!

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Won't someone think of the children? The bloodthirsty quest for power (or a slot on the CD101 Day lineup) has once again turned ugly.

As we reported a few days ago, two of the local nominees have been shamelessly campaigning online. More recently, The Town Monster released this boastful hip-hop number. (WARNING: Contains bad language, mock threats of violence and gratuitous Auto-Tune.)

The Wet Darlings fired back with all they had. Namely, Jenny Lute. And a lollipop. (WARNING: More bad language and suggestive things that should not be watched by boys in the midst of puberty.)

When will it all end? Well, with a March 31 three-band showdown at Outland to determine the final winner. (Or, CD101 could stop this insanity and let all 10 of those awesome acts play CD101 Day ... do we really need to see Fitz and the Tantrums again so soon?)

Meanwhile, we'll be watching ...