Sneak peak and spoilers for Community and Park and Rec

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

After a short hiatus, both "Community" and "Parks and Recreation" return tonight and TV Squad has some spoilers on upcoming "Community" episodes and a sneak peak video of tonight's "Parks and Recreation."

While at this year's PaleyFest, the cast of "Community" dropped some spoilers. In the pipeline for the rest of the season are the birth of Shirley's baby, a very special clip show (that's not really a clip show because it's all new material), guest star Stephen Tobolowsky, and the upcoming paintball episode sequel. Also, creator Dan Harmon says there's no official order for season 3, but he's "optimistic." There better be a season 3.

On tonight's "Parks and Recreation," it's the long-awaited Harvest Festival which should be fantastic. Here's a sneak peak of the festival's very special guest, which is "possibly, potentially the best thing to ever happen to anyone, anywhere in the history of the universe."