Showtime and Netflix end streaming deal

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Currently, Netflix subscribers have streaming access to many of Showtime's original series, but not for long. Variety reports that when the deal between the two companies ends this summer, none of Showtime's currently airing original series will be streaming. All originals no longer airing (like "The Tudors" or "Brotherhood") will still be streaming and DVD versions of current shows will also be available through Netflix. It's an interesting move for Showtime because I've heard from a number of people they've become hooked on "Dexter," "Californication" or "Weeds" by streaming through Netflix. It seems to have worked as a great promotional tool for the network, but launch of Showtime Anytime — where subscribers can watch any of their original programming anywhere — last October is in direct competition with Netflix. So, you'd better start hammering through those five seasons of "Weeds" while you still can.