Basically, Always Just Great, or, What I Ate: Basi Italia

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Tender, ground Veal Ravioli

Seared Ahi Tuna special, with roasted red pepper ratatouille

Bone-in Veal Strip special

Creamy mousse with raspberry swirl

Chocolate "S'More" cheesecake with homemade bruleed marshmallow for the birthday boy

Last week, I joined some family members for a birthday celebration at Basi, and once again, it was a terrific time. I mean really, what's not to love about Basi Italia? OK, I'll answer my own dumb question: nothing!

Because from the freshness to the pretty plating and the sexy flavors, the food reliably rocks. Plus the charming place kinda makes it like an amusing game to be dining in its NYC-type cramped setting--i.e. getting to know your "neighbors" is unavoidable (no matter, they're probably almost as cool as you).

See you at Basi soon!