Watch Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara premieres

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Showtime usually unveils new series by premiering the pilot episode online. Now, they've done the same for the Season 3 premieres of "Nurse Jackie" and "United States of Tara." If you've never watched these two dramadies, they're worth checking out. I've enjoyed each throughout their run (including the first half of Season 3 I've watched for both).

My recent reviews of "Nurse Jackie" and "United States of Tara" are spoiler free and will bring you up to date on the general plots if you want to jump in cold. And, I must say that while "Nurse Jackie" is an enjoyable show (especially the hilarious supporting cast), Season 3 of "United States of Tara" is absolutely amazing, and one of the best shows on television right now. The videos are below, but beware there's some NSFW language.