FX cancels Lights Out, renews Justified and Archer

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Bad news first. "Lights Out," much like "Terriers," was loved by critics and a small, loyal group of fans yet was canceled after only one season. FX has announced the boxing drama "Lights Out" will not be renewed after next Tuesday's finale which is a bummer because it was a strong show. Although, word is the finale wraps things up nicely like “Terriers” did. Hitfix's Alan Sepinwall has an interview with FX president John Landgraf about the cancellation.

Now for the good news. FX will bring the excellent modern day western "Justified" (pictured) back for a third season. This was never really in doubt as "Justified" has become the cable network's flagship show. "Justified" is quickly approaching the ratings numbers of FX's biggest hit "Sons of Anarchy" and it having one hell of a season. I'd say it's the best show airing on TV right now. And, I predict its ratings will only continue to grow thanks to mass appeal capabilities. The recipe for rating success couldn't be better: a cop drama with a great cast that bridges serialization with stand-alone episodes and even brings in a substantial amount of female viewers to the male-oriented FX (because the ladies love Timothy Olyphant).

The other good news is FX plans to renew animated spy series "Archer" for a 16-episode third season. From the creators of the severely underrated "Sealab 2021," "Archer" is wacky, raunchy and utterly hysterical. FX hasn't made the official announcement on "Archer" yet, but Deadline is reporting it's happening. The report also says FX will add a new drama series in the fall, and one new comedy and drama in early 2012.