Louisville 2011: 732 Social

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

732 Social is an incredible restaurant. And its wine list and creative cocktails (using homemade bitters dispensed from medicine-droppers) live up to its fantastic food. Like several of the new breed of Louisville eateries, 732 Social borrows heavily from the city's French, German and especially Southern and Appalachian heritages to produce an exciting, thoroughly contemporary yet past-honoring cuisine. Here's a look--progressing from the raw to the cooked (and everything was outrageously delicious!)

Beef Tartar--as good as I had in Paris

Hamachi and Avocado--lovely fresh flavors and textures

"Tots + Cracklings"--a richness and crispiness to be nostalgic about days later

Short Rib w/ Root Vegetables and Marrow Bone--takes you to a lusty and earthy place you never want to leave

Whole (filleted prior to being served) Striped Bass with Lemon, Caper and Walnut--insanely good, with a dark and zesty spice rub contrasting with its pure, snow white flesh

Steak au Poivre with Old Forester and Wild Garlic--a tableside fight-starter

Mac-n-Cheese--elicited orgasmic moans, but no one seemed embarrassed

Like the food and drinks, the weekend weather also participated in the poetic-like collision of opposites and extremes as that day, after marveling at the early onset of the Louisville spring-which was replete with blossoming fruit trees--it began freaking snowing right after dinner!

More Louisville stuff yet to come...