Update: The Playboy Club may have nudity

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

While Amber Heard has already posted the first picture of her in the bunny costume for NBC's (tentatively titled) "The Playboy Club," reports now say she and her costars may be wearing even less for the series. NBC may take a shot at nudity and graphic sex scenes on the 60s-era series about the famed Chicago club.

Yeah, you heard that correctly — Variety reports that NBC, in full risk-taking mode, has added nudity clauses to the contracts of the stars on "The Playboy Club." There was no nudity shot in the pilot and NBC says they don't have plans to include nudity on the broadcast version. Apparently, two versions of the show will be shot with the risqué nudity one being used on DVD or for cable syndication.

New NBC programming chief Bob Greenblatt has already vowed to be more envelope-pushing with it's upcoming pilots and this certainly fits that mold. And, if he really wanted to make waves with audiences (and the Parent’s Television Council), he could use a recent U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that nullified the FCC's fine for nudity on an old episode of "NYPD Blue," and put actual boobs on network television.

NBC has some very interesting pilots on its fall slate (besides “Wonder Woman,” where Adrianne Palicki will wear pants and not be nude) and really needs to bring some quality programming to its lineup. “The Playboy Club” has potential as do a few more which I’ll be posting more on later today in a look at NBC’s upcoming 2011-12 pilots.