Tonight see the bitter, drunken comedy stylings of Neil Hamburger

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

I must say, as one of the city's newer live venues, I'm getting increasingly impressed with the bookings at Outland. Just a few days after a sold-out Explosions in the Sky show, they've got an awesome alternative comedy show.

Neil Hamburger may not be for everyone. He tells schticky one-liners — albeit about great pop targets like Britney Spears — while swilling gin and sporting a combover. I've seen him twice in about a year, opening for Puscifer at the LC and Tim & Eric at the Newport. And I'd be down to see him again.

To get a taste, enjoy his fantastic Twitter feed. He just loves corporate Twitter accounts!

Opening the show is the wonderfully wry Todd Barry. Perfect compliment. Here's a taste of a 2009 Letterman appearance.