Mind-Control Tofu? Or, What I Ate: Loving Hut

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

The Loving Hut has to be one of the most bizarre and improbable eateries I've dined in lately. I'll elaborate more on this in a bit, but inform you now that the grub did not suck.

Love Letter From The Earth Salad--lotta flavor, color and texture; note the wacky name

Saigon Rolls--basically Vietnamese "summer" rolls, and with more flavor than I've had from versions in some full-on Vietnamese restaurants

Lemon Tofu--successfully (and surprisingly to me) combined Asian flavors with rosemary. In fact that blend suddenly seems inevitable, and I wonder why it's not more often encountered

Supreme Master Television: "Constructive programming for a peaceful world" was playing in the little but spic-and-span, fast-foody shop situated in a dreary Reynoldsburg strip mall. That's right, Supreme Master!

See, this Loving Hut is one of hundreds scattered all over the planet, and they are all associated with a New Age, cult-like vegan/go-green group led by the, uh, "Supreme Master," a Vietnamese-born woman now named Ching Hai (I've read her name means "pure ocean"). SMTV shows SM, a self-proclaimed multi-disciplinary artist (who sometimes sports short blond hair, sometimes long black hair) singing, reading her poetry and frequently beamed-in on a huge screen in front of an enthralled studio audience. It all seemed quite a lot like the Dharma Initiative to me...as always, stay tuned (but if you see me in the near future with glazed-over eyes spouting off about healthy eating and the spirits of animals, PLEASE SEND HELP!)