Cop P. Blackk's "Friday, A Prelude"

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

P. Blackk is the best new rapper in Columbus, if you can even consider the 19-year-old new at this point. Maybe "best young rapper" is a better phrase.

Either way, you'll want to listen to his new mixtape "Friday, A Prelude", which he dropped last week with {milk bar} and DJ Giovanny to drum up anticipation for P.'s sure-to-be-sick "Blackk Friday" project. This is essentially a stopgap release featuring the young emcee rapping over industry beats a la "It's Always Sunny In Columbus", but even P. Blackk's table scraps make a fine feast.

He's smart. He's smooth. He's funny. Like we said, dude is going places.

Download: P. Blackk - "Friday, A Prelude"