Buy Me Some Peanuts & Crackerjack...and Spicy Wieners and Big Gulps of Great Locally Brewed Beer, or, What I Ate: Columbus Clippers Game

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Last Thursday, i.e. the one nice-weather day we've had in a while, I went to our beautiful Huntington Park; before walking in, though, I smartly bought these locally roasted Krema peanuts and a bottle of water (you can carry it in if unopened) from a vendor just outside the park. The duo only costs $2!

A night out here is cheap, but it can be stoopid cheap if you spring for the $6 seats--if so, I recommend you park it at a left-field picnic table.

Why left field? Well, because right behind you will be your best beer bet--32 ounces (that's a quart) of terrific CBC suds for $9.75 if, like me, you cleverly show up on a Thursday (they've got Pale Ale too, but I was really digging the bitter, aromatic and grapefruit-y IPA ). Note: if you drink 3 of these--and I'm not saying you should, just suggesting it can happen--it equals 8 regular-sized beers

Screw that water (it's free with the nuts, anyways)

Upstairs is a full-service bar where hooch (like Maker's Mark) is $6 (note: bring your CBC beer up if you want it because only Bud products and Chicago-brewed 312 stuff are sold here)

Plus you can cop a squat like this outfield-hanger in the bar area

Another bar-perching bonus is that it's the only place you can score the best ballpark frank Huntington's got-- a juicy and spicy Jalapeno Hotz. This baby costs $4.75, but I recommend you upgrade to a pretzel bun for another buck. Oh yeah, and ask for jalapenos on top and that killer made-in-Cleveland "Stadium" Mustard and layer it with the nice pickles they give you.

See you soon at the old Ballgame